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Welcome and congratulations for taking the first step to building a safer and more secure Country by joining a tremendous organization with 84 InfraGard Member Alliances, representing all 16 sectors of our Nation’s critical infrastructures. These are selfless men and women who choose to volunteer their time, their knowledge, and their experience to make a difference through collaboration, the sharing of best practices and building relationship based on trust to protect critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. If you are already a member, thank you! If not, what are you waiting for?

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Collaboration for National Infrastructure Protection

From drinking water supplies to communications systems, chemical production processes to agricultural resources, Americans depend on a select group of critical infrastructures to sustain our way of life. Any attempts to harm or destroy these resources would directly impact the security of the United States and its citizens.

Most of these systems and services are owned and operated by private industry. Therefore, the protection of our nation’s infrastructure cannot be accomplished by the federal government alone. It requires coordinated action from numerous stakeholders – including government, the private sector, law enforcement, academia and concerned citizens.


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